Fountain of Fairy Tales

Our motto: Fountain of Fairy Tales to drink dreams!

The Fountain of Fairy Tales is the Ukrainian publishing house founded in 2014 in Kyiv with specialization in modern Ukrainian children book. Our priority is to discover of new names, trends, styles in children literature. We develop only Ukrainian authors and illustrators. All books of the publishing house are exclusive and newly created. Thus we focus on internal and external markets by proposing our books for young readers in Ukraine and worldwide.

What a child does not like a fountain?! Admire, play around, and even better to splash in it – the dream of every kid!

When the sun shines through fountain jets and warm breeze rise splatters – the fairy tale is created: over the fountain, just over the heads of happy kids, rainbow appears!

That is why we have created “Fountain of fairy tales” for you – to create a joy together, and feed dreams to light a rainbow – happiness!

Our tales:
– Good – because it’s only good can create, unlike the evil that destroys;
– Thought – we want children grow aware of themselves and the world around;
– Learning – happy is only one who never stops learning;
– Ukrainian – because they create by the best local writers and artists;
– Modern – as we strive to meet the needs of any fully developed babies and their advanced parents, keep searching modern artistic and technological trends;
– Turned to the future – as the first step in the creation of every good deed is always a dream – and certainly every dream begins with the fairy tale.