Dermansky Sashko


Children’s poet, novelist and storyteller.

Born November 28, 1976 in the village Haivoron, Volodarsky district, Kiev region.

Educated as a teacher of Ukrainian and foreign language and literature, in 1999 graduated from Kyiv National Pedagogical University after M. Dragomanov.

He is an author of popular adventure novels and tales for children, including novels “Wonderful Beast,” “Kingdom Yablukarstvo”, “Lord of makutsy or Adventure of snake Onys’ko”, “King of buukes or Mystery Emerald Book”, “Tales of the Dragon Omel’ka” and others, collection of poems for children ” Hippos are not bears.” Overall published 15 books, 1 audiobook and 2 interactive books for children.

The winner of many literary prizes and awards.

He lives in Kiev.

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    Hippos are not bears

    Everybody knows Sashko Dermansky as a remarkable prose writer. His children's stories read out both small...